Kate Tempest on the frustrations of the writer/performer

When you’re performing, you know, it’s about you. You have to be kind of in touch with how you’re doing and how you’re responding and relating to the audiences and to your band members. But when you’re writing, it’s not about you. Even if the speaker of the poem or the speaker of the rhyme is ‘I,’ it’s not necessarily you — you need to take yourself away from it so your characters can speak, so the words can speak. So those two things, the performer and the writer, they don’t sit very comfortably in the same space.
Been listening to a lot of Kate Tempest lately. From an improv pov this is something I’ve been working a lot of lately – separating Michael from the person in the scene. It’s hard! You are training yourself not to get distracted by yourself while in the act of a show. But at the same time you can’t entirely put that away, you need to be in tune with what you’re doing and what you’re teammates are doing and how the audience is reacting to it. I’ll keep y’all updated with how I deal with this.