Lessons From The Masters, Volume 1: Michael Gellman

Original Link: https://boilingpointimprov.wordpress.com/2010/02/12/lessons-from-the-masters-volume-1-michael-gellman/

The performers we love let their mouths run ahead of their brains.  They’ll say something without thinking and then let their brains catch up to justify it.  This is an incredibly fun and scary way to play.  It will lead you to places you never anticipated.  The best improvisers trust themselves enough to know that they can justify anything.  Try shutting off your brain for a moment in your next scene.  It’s like letting go of the wheel of a car.  Once you say that line that comes from your subconscious, put your hands back on the wheel and keep driving in your new direction.  It will take you to wild new discoveries that will amuse the audience and you.