Robert Webb on Finding Logic in Crazytown

He’s referring to the scene in series 4, episode 5 in which, on a stag weekend on a canal boat, Jez accidentally kills the dog of a woman, Aurora, he’s trying to seduce. After several misadventures, the two men burn the dead dog, but later with the cooked canine in a plastic bag, Jez finds himself on Aurora’s boat. She asks him what’s in the bag and he replies turkey. To prove it, he starts eating a scorched dog’s leg.

“Exactly,” says Webb. “Always entirely logical. If they started with ‘Let’s have an episode where Jeremy eats a dead dog’ that would be ridiculous. The Fonz has jumped the shark. But every little step is driven by their characters and is perfectly logical. And that’s how you get there.”
Robert Webb of Peep Show fame talking about finding the logic in crazytown.