How to open a show.

Justin D. Torres on What New Teams Need

The teams that I’m on with Goats and Heartbeat are so ridiculously positive and crazy and fun that, it’s an odd sense of coming off stage and cheering for yourself and being your own fan, which is something I don’t see very much in other teams, coming off stage and being like ‘we did a good job’. I think that’s imperative to have a good team, it’s that you have to love yourselves even if, especially a new team you have to know that you’ll almost be invincible for a little bit, to feel like you can do anything and then you have to kinda have to, pull ’em back afterwards because the one thing that gets into a new team’s mind is just.. doubt. I think doubt creeps in. If it’s too early it will kill a team. Justin D. Torres on the latest Magnet Theater Podcast.

“Just have fun”

That’s my least favourite improv note, “just have fun”. You know what’s fun to me? Scenes that make sense and are funny and where people are listening! Just have fun, that doesn’t mean anything!
Karin Louise Hammerberg on UCB Long-Form Conversations

Squirrel in the Garage→

It’s easy for any improviser to forget, after all the hours logged in classes and on stages in front of audiences, that they once started out as sweaty-palmed students. Whether you’re brand new to improv or you’ve been performing for years, I want to remind you all of the Squirrel in the Garage: the thing that will awaken you to your imaginative side, or the reason you started improv in the first place.