Lessons from Different Theaters→

I’ve long held the belief that the difference between top performers/shows at any given theater aren’t that different from one another, no matter how much the philosophy differs.


A lot of times students of improv wanna battle over the “right” way to do it or what improv “should” be and that’s just a drag. So tiring. Who the fuck cares? If there IS a “right” way it “should” be done, then it’s a dead artform, incapable of growing into something new, and I reject that idea. Instead, there are preferences and approaches that differ, and, as a student, the more you can understand those differences, the more you’ll be able to figure out what YOUR preferred voice and style will be.

It begins!

iO Intensive Card

I’m currently in Chicago taking a improvised comedy intensive at the famed (amongst comedy nerds?) at the iO Theatre. Apologies if the updates are a little behind (or at weird times of the day).