Credit: Andrew Watt

Mike Brown is an improviser. Born in Melbourne, Australia; he found himself in an improv course one day and never looked back. He currently lives in Chicago, Illinois; pursuing improv, comedy, and all the other things. He currently creates sketch and improv with Windy Batch and improvises with CSz Chicago house party team Phantom. A full creative CV can be found on the Resume page.

This blog is his living notebook of improv things that interest him or may be of interest to other improvisers – links, notes, videos, podcasts, and the odd promo or two. It’s updated on an ad-hoc basis. Mike blogs about everything else at Down The Docks.

Mike’s Secret Improv Blog is powered by WordPress, and uses the Scrawl theme by Caroline Moore for Automattic. The running man logo, the open book top and thumbs up icons are made by Freepik, and are licensed under CC BY 3.0. Michael’s headshot was taken by Andrew Watt.

Why is it a secret improv blog? Because it’s separate to Down The Docks. Being separate means that it’s easier to find specific improv information, plus those non-improvisers won’t get angry with all the improv posts.

I want to comment on a post. Sorry, comments are disabled – would you let someone else write in your notebook?! If you have feedback or questions, hit up the Contact Form.