Patrick’s Improv Reflections – 09/30/15 Show→

Generally speaking, what can we do if we’re not having fun in improv?  Well, we can examine the reasons.  Was it just one bad show?  Are we just having a bad streak?  If that bad streak continues, then perhaps we need to examine deeper issues.  Are we not playing in the right environment, with the right people, with the right format?  Do we need to take a break?  Due to the nature of improv, there are going to be off nights, shows which aren’t as fun, where we don’t get that high.  But if it’s continually happening, then perhaps there is something greater at work that is worth thinking through.

Learning to Trust→

I know this is gonna sound crazy, but I’m asking you to like–no, love the people who you’re doing improv with. What happens to them, especially on stage, should be more important to you than what happens to you. You are a tough, smart, grown-up person who has seen a lot of tough situations. You can take care of yourself if it comes down to it. Your Improv Friends? Give them everything they need! Be their sugar daddies and tell them how they’re never gonna have to scratch and struggle for anything while you’re around. And you know what? They’re gonna love you back for that. They’re gonna trust you and try to give just as much back. If they don’t then you’ll survive, but if they do you both will thrive.