Varieties of Want→

The four kinds of wants in an improv scene (and one you don’t want). Brilliant.

Adsit & Lutz Workshop→

Say yes grudgingly to bad ideas. If it’s something the character would not do, say yes but the character doesn’t have to like it. Saying no to jumping out of an airplane seems logical. But why are we watching this scene? What is happening today? Let’s see the day where someone acts on a BAD idea. No need to be enthusiastic about dating a serial killer. But saying yes and not being too sure about it might generate a funny scene.


I believe you need hard work to find success and talent just makes the work easier. Success eventually knocks at everyone’s door. But you need the talent to be let in when it comes knocking and you need the work to develop that talent. Additionally, you need the work to keep putting yourself out there and present yourself for when success comes sniffing around. Plus you need to work to maintain and build on that success.

Chris Gethard on Waiting in Lines

The other side of the coin that I’d say to all the students, is, no need to wait in line! No need to wait in line. If one thing ain’t happening for you, there’s other things out there, and there’s all over this city. There all over this city. And you can meet the people here who are going to be your tribe for life! If you get those people, then you got it. If you’re biding your time and waiting at UCB, that’s great. If you want to put in the time to get on the stage, get on Harold Night, whatever it is, great, do it. But don’t be idle. And don’t feel like that’s the only line you can wait in.
Chris Gethard talks about waiting in lines on the latest UCB Long-Form Conversations podcast.