The frisbee zone→

When you’re playing frisbee, the exciting parts aren’t when someone throws you a nice easy catch right at chest height. That’s no fun. When it gets exciting is when it’s just out of reach and you have to jump or dive to get to it. Then it’s like, wow, what a catch! Maybe sometimes you dive and you don’t quite catch the frisbee. But it’s still more fun than an easy lob.

“Del Close Notes”→

Some notes from Del about his improv philosophies and the Harold that I found with some digging. I love point five.

Working with Del Close→

I made Del my guru, my father, my higher power. I swore that his way was the only way, and I became judgmental of other people’s brand of improv. I would jealously put down people who got hired by Second City for the touring company because they where not trained “the right way” like myself – and by doing that, I limited by learning and my opportunities.