Break’s over.

One of the downsides to taking classes three days a week (with a show every week too) is that some things get dropped – this blog is one of them. The upside: loads of new stuff coming soon!

I’m back on stage tonight as part of Under the Gun Theater’s Sunday Improv Showcase. 6pm tonight, 956 W Newport St, Chicago. Entry is free.


Was at a show tonight that had some technical issues (piano didn’t work), so they played an interim game of freeze tag. What I loved was the ask-for. “Can we please have an activity that humans can easily do but dogs cannot?” Instantly the players were in physicalities that were identifiable to the audience and into the game. Very clever.

Icropped-runer.pngt was time to change it up! I’ve switched to the Scrawl theme to make things more readable, especially if you’re on a mobile device. Link posts appear in grey with an arrow on the end, with original posts in blue. There are little category images below each post, like the book icon for notes or speaker for podcasts. And it was time to introduce a new logo as well – goodbye business man, hello improv man running to make a tag out!

Everything should be working fine, and links to the Resources page or Random link are now hidden behind the hamburger menu (that orange three lined button in the top right corner) if you’re looking for them. But if anything appears to be broken, hit me up via the Contact Form.

Everything Must Go!

Everything Must Go LineupThe shows continue! The plugs continue! Tonight I’ve curated Everything Must Go! A showcase show featuring a bunch of teams I’ve loved watching over the last two years – including the reunion of the very awesome Harold team Foggy Windows. It’s going to be a blast – baked goods, a craffle (crap raffle), and a whole lot of fun. Two shows – 7pm and 8:30pm at the TIC Theatre. Tickets from here or at the door.

A couple of months ago, my buddy Shane Henry and I put up a big cast improvised game show called Full Disclosure. Tonight is starts a regular monthly run at The Improv Conspiracy Training Centre and Theatre. Exciting! 8:30pm tonight, 19 Meyers Lane in the city of Melbourne.

Here’s a late slip – I’m telling personal stories as part of Improv Conspiracy show The Remix tonight. 8:15pm, Dan O’Connell Hotel, 223 Canning St in Carlton.