Year in Review: 2015

I really went in deep on improv this year. Lots of shows, lots of training, lots of different times and people and stages. I did a lot of things I’ve never done before – two-prov, hosting live podcasts and game shows, running independent shows, and just getting better at the basics. Whether we were kicking each other after a show or celebrating fun times together, it was a real treat for me. Here’s to an even better 2016!

The Numbers

  • Improv Shows Performed:¬†48
  • Sketch Shows Performed: 1
  • Training Sessions and Workshops Attended: 50+ (at a minimum of two hours).
  • Beverages Consumed: No Comment.
  • Teams and Ensembles: Airblade, Snakes Up, Blokes, Lauren & Mike, Prudence, Inflorescence, Pavlatich and Brewn, No Worries, Shake-A-Stick, MBC, Mixtape, Full Disclosure, What Dat Crum?


  • Performed at the Del Close Marathon in New York City.
  • Auditioned for Under the Gun Theater’s Apprentice Program and was accepted.
  • Created improvised game show “Full Disclosure” with Shane, got accepted for a monthly run at Improv Conspiracy Theatre.
  • Performed standalone show Inflorescence at Melbourne Fringe Festival.
  • Produced going away show “Everything Must Go” with six days notice and filled the joint~!
  • Won a Cage Match (somehow). Lost a bunch of Cage Matches.
  • Handed over Cage Match production duties to Ryan and Matt, two great eggs.
  • Summer Holiday with Airblade after we became a team.
  • Got asked to tell stories at The Remix.¬†Presented really dull stories to the cast of The Remix.
  • Wrote and performed my first sketch pieces.
  • Hosted live improv¬†theory podcast.

Wishes for 2016

  • Produce!
  • Perform less often, study more. Study more than just improv and performance – writing, producing techniques (lighting, sound, etc).
  • Complete formal acting course.
  • Run “Things I learnt in Chicago” workshop in Melbourne.
  • Find indie team interested in performing Harolds.
  • Work out the tricks behind a good organic opening.
  • Start “Comedy Book Club” podcast. Put out episodes on a monthly basis.
  • Perform at least six solo sketches.